Tuesday, 31 July 2012

My Kids Do(Dont) look like me

I’ve always believed that my kids look like their dad, that I was just an incubator.

They have his eyes, nose, cheeks and even his toes. The only similarity they have
to me is my big fat bottom lip. When people tell me they look like me I disagree and argue that they don’t.

A few days ago my mom decided she was going to shut me up and prove the kids do look like me.

She pulled out a baby photo of me and one of me at about 2.5 years and I finally had to swallow
my words and apologise to everyone.

The photo’s are identical, the only difference is clothing and a ponytail in the older pic of me and Calum.

I will from now on admit – My kids do look like me.

Cheers vir Eers

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