Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Cupcake

So as you all know it was Calum's first day of big school yesterday. New school, new routine, new friends, new teacher. I'm pretty sure that can all be very over whelming for a little dude. When i asked him about his day, he had fun. His favorite part was the gluing glitter on animals. And "Mom please can you buy me a very big glitter bottle with green glitter".

I also over-heard the teacher say there was a birthday boy in class, so I asked him if they had a party. "No, there wasn't a party, just cupcakes, but the teacher didn't give me any."

Now my mommy side started getting defensive. I want to know why you would do that to a new kid. Shame man. Then I sat back and thought about it rationally - there must be a reason. a decent one. Maybe the mom sent only enough cupcakes for the normal kids and didn't know there was a new kid to cater for. I'm sure that must be it.

Anyway - off I go to school today to just inquire, because forever and ever my child will remember that he was an outsider on his first day and he didn't get a cupcake like everyone else. Trying to think of how to make it right. Maybe sneak some cupcakes in so Teacher can give him one and say she's terribly sorry about the mix up. Something. Calum is a very sensitive soul and these things stick with him.

So off I go to just chat with teacher and ask about it. Oh she says - "There was a spare and I put it away...."

Now i wanted to smack this teacher upside the head and ask what was wrong with her, why if there is a spare that you are now going to give to my boy, did you not give it to him yesterday????? Surely as a teacher you would know how moments of exclusion can cause lasting effects for a child?

My heart is very sore for my little man. She did give him a cupcake today. But why not yesterday?

My head says there is still a rational answer as to what happened.

Homework ?!!?!!!

So Calum started school yesterday, Grade 0. He's only turning 5 in a few weeks, so he will repeat next year - but he has to do homework - learning to write letters. I'm totally shocked....

So Calum can't write his own name yet - as far as I'm aware this is something he needs to be able to do. So I found a few websites that have free printable worksheets, some you can make your own. Some you can print pre-made one's. I think it's awesome as Calum can now build his confidence and learn to write his name etc all at once.

Here are the links




I also happened to find these links for the government curriculum for Grade R Workbooks for 

Monday, 4 August 2014

1st day of big school

Wow - this day came far to soon. My boy - i hope you have a migical first day and that school is something you will enjoy, that you will learn so much and grow so much. I'm proud of you.

Friday, 1 August 2014


On Wednesday morning when I fetched my kids from school, the teacher greeted me, shoved the newsletter in my hand and then proceeded to get going. Her assistant, after telling me about the kids day informed me - Teacher would no longer be at the school from 1 Aug. hmmmm...

Since my children don't normally go to school on a Thursday that leaves me with Zero notice. If we wanted to take our kids out of the school, we're obliged to give at least 30 days notice. Whats worse is she didn't even tell me in person. She's been teaching Calum since before he turned 2.

When I phoned her to say "WTH" I was greeted with - "oh I didnt think you cared about your children's education" , "I'm glad you noticed my greeting today was fake" etc.

We made an appointment with another school to see if they could take Calum, he starts Grade 0 in January and has certain things he needs to be able to do before then and a day-mother wont work for him. (Day-mother is basically what the school becomes if the only qualified teacher leaves.)

I'm in total shock.

The school where Calum is enrolled for Grade 0 has agreed that they will take him from Monday and work with him on the things he needs to achieve before next year. My baby is starting big school in 3 days. I'm not ready for this, he's not even 5 yet... (Yes his Birthday is only 18 sleeps away - but still.)

After having a later calmer discussion with the teacher, she has now decided that what she did was wrong and that she will stay at the school till the end of the year. But we now don't trust that she will be invested in the children.

From Monday my baby starts big school and my littlies will be home schooled for the time being. At triple the cost for school fees, we're stuck.

I know this post is a bit all over the place - but that's how I feel at the moment.

Look at this school uniform :( ....