Friday, 23 January 2015

The day my boy was big...

I have a secret to tell... Since Calum has started at his new school last year August we've had a little secret. I drop him off at the main school gate - get goodbye kisses, then I have to run around to the side fence and wait for him to kiss him through the fence. After that he's happy to go into school. The new school was a big change for him. Big and scary.  It's an every morning thing - one morning I forgot, I was in a big rush and I forgot to go wait - boy was I in trouble. 

Well this whole week, he's been very reluctant to meet me, he says I must, then takes forever to get to me. Today when I dropped him I asked if I must meet him and I got the "No, it's ok", "Are you sure?" "Yes, I'm sure". 

Gutted, I nearly cried. My big boy no longer needs me. 

It's funny, it was our special thing. Just me and him and now he no longer needs it. I'm so proud of my boy, becoming so independent and strong. But I'm so devastated that he needs me a little less.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Dinner nightmares - hopefully over

In 2014 i was super busy - so busy in fact that my family ended up eating oven bake chips, fish, chicken nuggets or fish fingers most nights from September through November. Bleh

So with a bit of luck my new plan will work better. I've pt together a 4 week meal plan. Easy meals, with lists of what we need to buy and something different each night for a month. I'll sit and do a new one for the next four weeks soon. Maybe repeat some favorites and look for some other ideas as I go along.

Maybe you'll like it to - so here it is, a basic idea, make your own pasta, make your own Bread - cook it how you feel is right. Change the main ingredients if you don't eat it.