Thursday, 27 March 2014

Washing blues and germs go bye bye and you can win too

Washing is not one of my favorite things, i actually can say I HATE washing. We do washing for 6 people. 3 little people that enjoy getting dirty, can be seen as an extra 3. On average our Monday pile of washing is 6-8 loads = a whole lot of work. You all know I don't like to promote a product unless I've used it first, but i already own not one but 2 LG washing machines. I swear by my toploader machines, so i"m happy to say I'm really excited by what LG have come up with and I am confident that this new range of machines will live up to the name I am proud to say I own and use. 
I'm just sad I don't have one of these.. Nudge Nudge Wink Wink LG???
Thanks LG for the lovely afternoon.
LG are giving away some of these machines, what you need to do is look out for the competitions in all the major publications, and if you're feeling lucky - try your hand at their really cool "Angry Germs" game they have set up at the Monte Casino Bird Gardens. (Myself and the boys gave it a try and we were'nt very good.) To help, they've given me a set of 3 entrance tickets for the bird gardens to give to one of you. 
Since the tickets are only valid up till Sunday the 30th - it's pretty simple - the first person to comment on this post - gets them.

Here's LG's press release.

Born of Extensive Consumer Research, LG’s New Sapience Washing Machine Provides the Ultimate in Hygiene and Health.

Johannesburg, Thursday, 27 March, 2014 – Consumers all over the world including South Africa are becoming more and more concerned with health and hygiene. While certain basic actions are being taken to improve well-being, such as eating healthy food, or getting regular exercise, there are also other important steps that consumers are considering. For example, well informed consumers are voicing their preference for washing machines and other home appliances that offer health and hygiene benefits along with exceptional performance.
LG’s latest top loader, the Sapience Washing Machine has officially launched in South Africa.

“At LG, we conduct extensive research in order to understand exactly what consumers want and expect from a new washing machine,” said Jungho Kim, Product Marketing Manager for Home Appliances at LG Electronics.

 “Our studies indicate that greater hygiene and powerful performance rank very high up on most consumers’ check lists. LG’s new Sapience Washing Machine is the ultimate laundry solution; offering powerful steam cleaning and hygiene-enhancing features underpinned by its new innovative heater. Most of all, thanks to the new heater, our washing machines can adjust water temperature as necessary, delivering the best possible, hygienic washing results for an array of different fabric types.”

LG’s in-depth research clearly shows that today’s health focused consumers demand a washing machine that is strong in terms of hygiene and cleaning power. Excelling in both regards, the new top-loading models come equipped with LG’s outstanding heater. Product testing has confirmed that in order to achieve optimal cleanliness, the internal temperature of a washing machine must be at least 40 degrees Celsius1. LG’s top load washing machines incorporate a stain care course that takes full advantage of the heater’s power, raising the water temperature to 40 degrees for effective stain removal. Offering further benefit, the warm water from the heater ensures that residual laundry detergent is quickly dissolved during the cycle.

Meanwhile, the top-loaders’ also offer an allergy care course, producing the 60-degrees temperature 2 required for the elimination of germs and bacteria in clothing. At this heat, germs and harmful allergens are effectively eradicated, leaving clothes hygienically fresh.

Conventional LG washing machines typically perform tub sterilization using room-temperature water. However, LG’s top-loading washers boast the Tub Clean+ feature, which heats water to 60 degrees Celsius to sterilize 99.99 percent3 of bacteria4 found inside the tub. Tub Cleaner’s impressive germ-fighting capabilities promise the consumer better health and peace of mind.

In order to improve hygiene, and to cope with high temperatures, a washing machine’s tub should be made from a bacteria-resistant, strong and durable material. As such, LG has fitted its new top loader models with full stainless steel tubs. The stainless steel tub results in up to 90 percent5 less bacteria growth than a plastic washer tub, LG’s full stainless steel tub also features a rotary valve and 1,000 precisely spaced drainage holes.

LG South Africa is excited to launch its new Sapience Washing Machine, which is available at all major retail outlets.


*** I was not compensated for this peice - I just think its crazy that this challenge was accepted and I want to hear what happens... ***
Johannesburg, 27 March 2014 -The LG Sapience Washing Machine is here and LG is on a mission to find the most creative laundry washer who can wash better than the Sapience Washing Machine. LG wants to prove that nothing and no one can wash better than the 6 Motions of the LG Sapience Washing Machine

LG embarked on finding people who would benefit from understanding the true functionality of the LG Sapience Washing Machine. They would do this by being tasked to complete the Sapience Washing Machine Challenge which brings the 6 motions to life.  They will be required to literally rub, swing, compress, filtrate, agitate and use a wave force motion on each item of clothing until it sparkles.

Three of the best candidates were chosen by LG. We needed individuals who often have to deal with ‘angry germs’, stubborn odours and tough stains on a daily basis. In addition, they had to be tough and willing to embark on this big challenge of washing without the use of a washing machine. From a pool of potentials, Steven Ambrose, Tanya Kovarsky and Sam Cowen where the chosen hero’s for the challenge. All candidates run a hectic life juggling kids, home and work, with this hectic lifestyle it is very easy for the entire family to pick up germs all over.

Sapience Challengers

  • Steven Ambrose is the CEO of Stragey Works and juggles a family of five kids

  • Tanya Kovarsky is a prominent blogger as well as a mum to one child

  • Sam Cowen is a Highveld Stereo presenter with two kids

We hope that our Challengers are ready for this.

The Sapience Washing Machine will commence on the 1st week of April 2014 using the hashtag #SapienceChallange, you can also visit the LG Electronics Facebook page for more information.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Toppie's Brewing Co

So my Toppie has this hobby, he brews his own craft beer, and I must say - it's really good.
Do you think your husband would like to try this out? or even you? I'm waiting for my strawberry and lime apple cider to finish fermenting - then we bottle and then i can see if its any good- yay me...

Anyhow - Toppie will be hosting some beginners brew sessions - here's the info

Beginners brew sessions

Join us for #TBCOBrewBrunch, you’ll assist us in brewing a batch of beer, enjoy a hearty brunch 
and taste some of our beer.

Only 8 spaces available per session.
Cost R 300 p.p.

Included in the cost:
-Informative brew session
-Booklet with the recipe for the beer we brew on the day
-A 6 pack of the beer we brewed to take home with you.

To book your seat email or call us on 011 864 7845
Follow us on Twitter @Toppiesbrewing

#TBCOBrewBrunch dates
- 12 April
- 3 May
- 17 May
- More dates to be set
Don’t miss out – book your seat today!!!
*** There will be babysitting facilities available on request at R 50 per child for the morning***

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Soft and smelly

Im a firm believer in trying out a product before I give an opinion on it. A few weeks ago a package arrived from Babysoft. They sent me 2 packs of their new range of scented toilet paper.

Now I need to be honest, even though I feel a bit guilty wiping my bottom with such lovely smelling toilet paper, I love this new range, its just as soft as we know Babysoft to be, lasts just as long and well smells great, my favorite is the Shea Butter one.

More from BabySoft...

Baby Soft®. An experience of Luxury

Known for providing families with everyday luxury, Baby Soft® is once again driving innovation with a new exciting introduction:   Baby Soft® Touch of Luxury.  As a mom, you can rest assured that this new offering means that you are not only giving your family the thickest 2 Ply in the South African market, but also a bathroom tissue that is enriched with a natural touch and fragrance of either Aloe and Vitamin E, or Shea Butter, giving even more options.

“Baby Soft® Touch of Luxury makes it possible for moms to provide an experience of comfort and pampering, further enhancing the bathroom atmosphere with the new subtle, attractive fragrances which delight the senses,” says Nokuthula Sithole, Junior Brand Manager for Baby Soft®.

Baby Soft® Touch of Luxury heralds a new experience in superior luxury.  Because it is so thick, this indulgent bathroom tissue is available in a 200 sheet roll to accommodate the thickness and to ensure the fit on the standard holder.

“The new Baby Soft® Touch offers a unique experience, ensuring indulgence with its cushiony softness”, Sithole concludes.

Look out for the new Baby Soft® Touch of Luxury, available at most retailers countrywide, and delight your family and guests with this new addition in your bathroom.

One for one blankets

So we're not sure if we should run this project this year, if you remember last year, we sold knot tie blankets, and for everyone we sold, we made a 2nd one for a charity. What do you guys think? Last year we donated over 80 blankets in total, the kids at Amazing Grace loved them.

Would you be interested in buying a blanket ?

Prices would be as follows:

Blanket sizes:

Large: R250 each (ex delivery) [2m x 1.5m]

Medium: R 200 each (ex delivery) [1.5m x 1.5m]

Small: R 150 Each (ex delivery) [1m x 1.5m]

Baby blankets: R 100 each (ex delivery) [75cm x 1m]

Pet size: R 100 each (ex delivery) [75cm x 1m]

Depending on the response we receive, we'll decide if we will be going ahead with this project this year.

Easy Playdough

Here's a playdough recipe that i found and adapted. It's quick, easy, the playdough lasts about 4 months and the kids love the bright colours.


1. 1 Cup of flour
2. 1 Cup of water
3. 1/2 Cup of table salt
4. 2 tbs cream of tartar
5. 1 packet of sweeto/koolaid (Any powdered juice, if you cant find powdered juice, you can use 1/4 cup of liquid sweeto/coolaid)

Throw all the ingredients into a pot, simmer over a low heat while stirring continuously, the mixture should start to form a ball, this usually takes +/- 5 Mins. then tip the ball of dough out onto the counter top and knead it for about 2 mins, it may be a little hot, be careful.

The kids love how the playdough smells, the colours are brighter than when you use normal food colouring, you don't get stained hands and if you're like me, with a 1,2 and 4 year old that like to taste everything, its safe for them to eat so no need to worry. I usually make 2 batches at a time, and this is enough playdough for my 3 to share nicely.

Rain rain go away

I hate this weather, I hate that you get all muddy and dirty and clammy and wet. But most of all I hate that me and the kids always seem to get sick when the weather is just bleh....

The kids school is on a muddy plot and when it rains, they are confined to a small classroom. I don't like to send them to school on rainy days, they have 13 years of forced school where they have to go to school on rainy days, for now, they stay home on rainy days. This unfortunately poses a challenge for me, I have to keep them busy. So far so good...

We coloured in....

We played with playdough....

(The playdough takes 5 mins to make, and lasts almost forever in terms of playdough years...

We snuggled on the couch and watched movies...
We baked cookies....
Made home made spaghetti...

We played boat in boxes...

Now I'm running out of idea's, Calum is sick and the rain is said to be here for another week an a half. 

HELP !!!!

Once upon a time

****This is not a sponsored post, but i did receive 2 parcels ****

Yesterday I came home to a package from Huggies. Thank you guys...

Not only did they win Product of the year for their nappies last year - Well done, but Huggies have now come up with a great storytime concept. Codi-beth loved her little book that the Huggies team put together for her and tonight i'll be making one for each of my boys.

Here's more info from Huggie's and how to make your own. 

Huggies® Magical Moments for little boys and girls

Huggies® knows that as a mom, you want to cherish each precious memory with your baby.  With this in mind, the well loved nappy brand is giving you the opportunity to capture a moment in time with your little one, through a personalised baby storybook with your bundle of joy as the lead character of the story.

The adventure, brought to you by Huggies® Gold for Boys & Girls, includes your tiny tot's favourite toys and many ways of expanding your little one's imagination as you both embark on a journey to explore the far off places in the story.

This fun interactive activity is user friendly and accessible.  In fact you help to create the story, step-by-step as you fill in the details of your child.  Best of all, no two stories are alike because of the wonderful uniqueness of your little one.  The starting point is just a click away at

Of course no children's story is worth its weight in gold unless there is a bit of fantasy included.  So, as a boy mom, you and your son are taken on an adventure, from the safety of your computer screen, to distant destinations such as outer space or even the lush untamed jungle.  And, like any little boy with special super powers, you just miss a nest of jungle bumble bees.  You also have a toolbox which can rival MacGyver’s, so that you overcome any challenge, all before getting home on time to enjoy the afternoon snack.

When it comes to your little girl, Huggies® takes you and her into a world of tea parties, crowns, wands and fairy wings.   Further into the story, your little girl has her own adventure into the enchanted castle in the clouds or even an underwater mermaid kingdom, where you both get to enjoy sea horses running a race and swirling starfish swimming in the ocean.   With the special power of rainbows, your little one comes home, safe and sound, just in time for bed, telling her unforgettable adventures to all her other toys.

Once you have finished the story, you have the option to share it on Facebook, print it or even write another story.

“These stories celebrate boys and girls and the different kinds of mischief and fun which they each enjoy,” says Li-Anne Hide, Senior Brand Manager for Huggies®. “From the wonderful moment that you discover you are having a little girl or a little boy, your dreams turn to either pink or blue.  Parents know that boys and girls are different. Huggies® knows that their nappies should be too.” 

That is why Huggies® Gold nappies are tailored to have the absorbency pads higher up for boys and lower down for girls. “The trusted Huggies® Gold with added features, giving your baby our best protection and our most comfortable fit. Shaped like underwear for comfort, the nappies also have a triple absorbent core for our best leakage protection with an elastic waistband and stretchy fasteners”, says Hide.

With exclusive Disney© designs of Mickey and Minnie Mouse for your intrepid adventurer and little fashionista, the nappies are also packaged in distinct pink or blue for each gender.

Available in major retailers, Huggies® Gold for Boys & Girls is available in four sizes: size 3 (6-10 kg), size 4 (8 - 14 kg), size 4+ (12 – 16 kg) and size 5 (15+ kg). The product is on offer in  a bag and a box. 

With Huggies® Gold for Boys & Girls you can cater for your baby’s uniqueness with a nappy tailor-made especially for your baby boy or baby girl and further enjoy this treasured time with the Huggies® Storybook. 

Find us on Facebook - .

They're also running a competition where you could win a printed story book with your story.

1. Visit
2. Create a story for your little one
3. Share it on Twitter using the hashtag #HuggiesStorytime
4. Follow them on Twitter @Huggies_SA

**Competition closes Wednesday 19 March**