Monday, 15 July 2013

Tried, Tested, Hooked

Almost a month ago I was invited to the Huggies Gold #choosepinkorblue nappy launch, where they revealed their new Huggies Gold for Boys and Girls. We were treated like royalty to a lovely breakfast at the Westcliff Hotel, yum, besides spending the morning catching up with some mommies from Twitter and chatting to the Huggies staff, we were treated to a motivational talk by Tumi Morake.

I decided to try these new nappies out before I told you ll about them, and what I can say is - I LOVE THEM. I have 2 boys that seem to drink the swimming pool empty before bedtime, as thats what we usually have in the mornings, popping nappies overflowing. And little missy also leaks - well used to that is - until we started using these new Huggies Gold.

Coel is dry every morning, every morning, there's no more need for double nappies, no more gelly powdery mess to clean up. Huggies really have outdone themselves, the proof is in the pudding. In my opinion, if you cant afford to use these all day - they are the best thing you can use for evenings.

Here's what huggies have to say about things

"New Huggies® Gold for Boys & Girls

Discovering the sex of your baby is just the beginning of an amazing journey where your baby will grow from a tiny being into your “Big Boy” or “Little Girl”. Each gender is special and unique with their own mannerisms. They play with different toys, wear different clothes and enjoy different things, from playing dress up for hours or hunting for crawling critters – this is what turns your everyday into pink or blue.

Moms know that boys and girls are different. Huggies® knows that their nappies should be too. That is why Huggies® Gold nappies have now been tailored to have the absorbency pads higher up for boys and lower down for girls. “Your same trusted Huggies® Gold – but with new features giving your baby our best protection and our most comfortable fit. Shaped like underwear for comfort, the nappies also have a triple absorbent core for our best leakage protection with an elastic waistband and stretchy fasteners”, says Carlyn Foster from Kimberly Clark, Marketing Projects – Baby & Child Care, Huggies®.

The soft breathable outer cover promises to bring a smile to mom and baby, with new unique and exclusive Disney© designs of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Mickey is fun and adventurous just like your special baby boy on his journey of discovery and Minnie is the ultimate girly girl with pretty bows for every occasion making sure your baby girl can’t put a foot wrong when it comes to being a little trendsetter.

“We are excited about the introduction of the new Huggies® Gold nappies as we know that little boys and little girls are uniquely special. They are anatomically different so it makes sense that their nappies are designed differently too,” adds Foster. “Moms can enjoy extra time with their baby, knowing that Huggies® Gold offers their best protection and comfort with the added benefit of the targeted absorbent zones.”

The packaging is specific to each gender so moms can easily identify the pack for their little one. With Huggies® Gold clearly visible on the packaging, the packs have a baby girl or baby boy on front of the pack, coloured with a distinct pink and blue for girls and boys, respectively. “Moms around the world in countries such as Russia and Israel, have embraced the new Huggies® for boys & girls.  The new nappy has proven to be very popular with them and we know that South African moms will enjoy this new offering for their babies in the same way,” says Foster.

Available in major retailers from June onwards Huggies® Gold Boys & Girls are available in four sizes – size 3 (5 – 9 kg), size 4 (8 - 14 kg), size 4+ (10 – 16 kg) and size 5 (12 - 22 kg). The product is on offer in  a bag and a megabox with suggested retail selling prices between R149,99 – R174,99 for bags and between R279,99 – R329,99 per box. 

With Huggies® Gold Boys & Girls you can enjoy a nappy tailor-made for your baby boy or baby girl and add it to their list of favourite things. Visit and choose Pink or Blue – which one’s for you? "

Cheers vir Eers

- Toppie se Vrou

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