Wednesday, 4 December 2013

My top 10 list of things I'd rather have people buy for my kids than toys this Christmas

With it being Christmas and silly festive season and all, I've had to answer the "So what can I get for the kids." Question a lot. My kids have too many toys, so here are my ideas of gifts in no particular order.

1. Clothes - a size bigger than they are now
2. Books 
3. Puzzles
4. Cookie cutters, a sturdy rolling pin and a baking sheet
5. A Zoku quick pop maker
6. A kids music CD 
7. Coloring in book, pencils, crayons etc
8. A new school bag 
9. An iStore voucher for some games on the iPad
10. New bedding

I must add, I never expect anyone to buy gifts for my kids. It's not about that. 

- Toppie se Vrou

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