Friday, 27 June 2014

Update, it's about time.

It's been a crazy year, when I say crazy I mean headless chicken halfway down the cliff kind of crazy, and it's not getting any calmer. I started off 2014 saying I really wanted to take a time-out, spend more time at home and less time busy. Hmmmmmm, that didn't happen. We've been constantly busy, granted we have started a new business, been fixing up the house and in this last month renovating the bar so that there is a shop space for said new business, but really now, at some point in this year I want to have a PJ weekend. not just Sunday, I want to put my pj's on on a Friday afternoon and not get out of them till Monday morning. Wishful thinking I know. 

The kids have had a good winter so far, just normal coughs and sniffles but nothing to go to the doctor about. My office which used to have a baby gate, now has a door - so we can concentrate and work in peace and quiet. The new business is doing far better than we expected in such a short time. My business reached 30 monthly clients. Life is good. We actually cannot complain.

But I feel I need some space away, some time away, just a day where there isn't a tantrum, a screaming baby hanging on my legs, a day where the children don't fight about a broken toy or the same juice bottle. Just one. Just one day when if I say no, someone listens, and I don't have to turn into a screaming banshee before they take me seriously. Is that to much to ask? 

Other than that, everything is good. 

Just an update and I'll try write more. Although with school holidays starting next week .... Well you know how that goes.

- Toppie se Vrou

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