One for one blankets

So we're not sure if we should run this project this year, if you remember last year, we sold knot tie blankets, and for everyone we sold, we made a 2nd one for a charity. What do you guys think? Last year we donated over 80 blankets in total, the kids at Amazing Grace loved them.

Would you be interested in buying a blanket ?

Prices would be as follows:

Blanket sizes:

Large: R250 each (ex delivery) [2m x 1.5m]

Medium: R 200 each (ex delivery) [1.5m x 1.5m]

Small: R 150 Each (ex delivery) [1m x 1.5m]

Baby blankets: R 100 each (ex delivery) [75cm x 1m]

Pet size: R 100 each (ex delivery) [75cm x 1m]

Depending on the response we receive, we'll decide if we will be going ahead with this project this year.


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