The day you were born.

I need to wee, off i rush to the toilet, get up, change, oops, I've wet myself again. I wish the doctor had let me have you already - you're planned to come on Monday but i'm tired now and i just want you out in the world. Standing by the bed, drinking my tea, I've wet myself again.

Phone Granny, she doesn't know whats going on. Phone Ouma, she can't remember. Phone the Doctor...

We're off to the hospital, a towel wrapped around my body, a gown over as I've wet all my pj's and have no more. Pappa makes me sit on the back seat, it has seat protectors. We have no bags packed, you're only coming on Monday. We haven't even set up your cot.

My water has broken and you're on the way. What a mad rush, Granny and Grandpa are on holiday and won't be home till Sunday. Ouma has to come take Calum so that Pappa can be with me and you. The nurses ask me what's wrong when we walk into the hospital, the Doctor tells them to look at what I look like and then stop asking stupid questions. Pushing a pram with Calum in, trying not to let my towel fall down. Off we go into the exam room, get checked, sorted, all is good. We're off to theater - you're on the way. The Pediatrician is an old man, he jokes, the Anesthetist jokes, the nurses joke. Me in a room with almost 10 people, getting ready for you to come. It's all so scary, I don't know where Calum is. I think Pappa has taken him to Ouma. Pappa is with me now. and so they start. I felt a little sick from the meds. But out you came, beautiful, blue.

And so you were born, 3 days earlier than planned. 

Calum loves you so much, Pappa loves you so much, I love you so much. 

It's not a long birth story, it was a mad rush. but i remember it like it was yesterday, Happy 3rd Birthday my boy. 


  1. Happy birthday to your special son! I guess he couldn't wait to join you!


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