Monday, 19 August 2013

A birthday present like no other

So it's my birthday today - I'm 28, I feel so old (I know I'm not - just feels that way). I've read a lot of birth stories and decided that since today is my birthday and since I'm getting old and my memory may start to fail me, today is the best day to write the first birth story.

On 12 January 2009 I did one of the gossest things I've ever had to do (or so I thought) I pee'd in a cup and stuck a tiny little piece of paper in it and wait for 3 minutes to see if there was one or 2 lines. Well there was no waiting, there were 2 lines that never disappeared. I remember sitting there thinking, maybe one line will fade away, one minute - 2 lines. 2 Minutes - 2 lines. 3 Minutes - 2 lines. 30 Minutes - 2 lines. The next morning I went and had a blood test and it was confirmed. I was pregnant. I think about 6 weeks. I had known for a while that something was different, I'm never late - ever.

Me and Toppie had a rough relationship, it was love at first sight for me, although I tried very hard not to admit it, and for him, well I don't think so much. So the 2 lines meant well this is a relationship forever, be we married, or apart we were together.

At 7 weeks on a Saturday afternoon, I had a show, and we rushed off to the emergency rooms, I was about to miscarry. We had a scan and I was placed on strict bed rest, no unnecessary walking, moving, flat on back legs up. Doctors orders. I went to my gynae at the time the Monday morning, and was put on 2 weeks sick leave. Back at work for a week and another show with the worst stomach pains I have ever experienced. Booked into hospital for a week, another weeks sick leave after discharge. Back at work about 2 weeks and another show, with contractions. The 2nd time I was put on a drip to stop the contractions, this drip made my heart race like I was doing the most intense cardio workout of my life. I had what Doctors refer to as wrap around placenta, the start of a placenta previa and for the first 12 weeks, the placenta lay directly over the cervix and my body kept trying to reject the pregnancy, this grew out, luckily. Another 2 weeks bedrest, and again cramps, this time different, I was sent for a second opinion and told that basically, because I was so fit before the pregnancy, I had torn all my ab muscles and would have these cramps my entire pregnancy. Needless to say, I was not allowed to gym at all. Not even walk far for the entire pregnancy.

The second trimester was ok, except for the uncomfortable stomach pains and the horrible itch skin, that nothing helped for. Nothing, my skin was on fire for 6 months.

The third trimester was also ok, although I was ready to pop Mika (I was adamant I was having a girl, and that would have been her name) out. We had set a c-section date for the 15th of August, my Ouma's birthday, and we were ready to go, until the doctor magically changed her plans, and had to travel overseas and would only be back on the 17th, there was no other doctor to perform the C-section, and I was unable to have natural birth, because baby was posterior and with the damage to my muscles, and the low lying placenta, I would inevitable end up in theatre even if I tried natural.

I didn't want to know what I was having, I wanted my "It's a Girl" or "It's a boy" moment.

This didn't happen, the Doctor, after postponing the c-section for her own personal reasons, nothing medical was ever brought up, was late arriving back from her travels and nearly cancelled my appointment on the 17th, after much screaming and fighting, she, frazzled and flustered, walked into the room, without examining me, and said, "We can go in at 12" (this is why I know there were no medical reasons for the delay). I wasn't ready to go in at 12 - I wasn't planning on going in on the 17th. So we reluctantly decided well Wednesday, my Birthday, would be the day. We then ended up having a check up, to make sure Wednesday would be ok, and she promptly announced, "Have you considered Circumcision?", Now I don't know about you, but a circumcised girl, NO NO. That's how we found out it was a boy - my Surprise moment ruined!

On the morning of the 19th, my 24th birthday, I was ready at 8, we only had to leave for the hospital at 11, but I was ready. I was tearful, scared, anxious. It didn't feel like my birthday, there were no presents, just well wishes for the baby on the way.

At 2:05pm on the 19th of August 2009, my son Calum Daniel le Roux was born, the Doctor stuck this gooey, yucky, blue little thing in my face and I loudly proclaimed how ugly he looked.

He Weighed 2.96 kg, was 49cm tall and after they cleaned him up, he was the most beautiful thing in my world.

Happy birthday to me and my boy. I've left out a few details, but its in my mind, I'm not so old and forgetful after all.

Cheers vir Eers

- Toppie se Vrou

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