Monday, 12 August 2013

We bought a Caravan

As children, we always went camping in the caravan with my grandparents, its one of my fondest memories, staying in a little box house, playing with the other kids in the camp grounds, riding our bikes, having a general freedom we weren't allowed at home.

We went camping this weekend, and let me tell you, the kids loved it. Now i have 2 rules when i go camping, 1. Toppie will sleep in the same bed as me and 2. There must be decent ablutions. I don't rough it as such, we have a gas stove and and so its like home, just not. The place we went to has private ablutions, so we didn't share bathrooms with anyone this weekend....

We also got to play with 3 week old lion cubs. The kids have made us promise we'll go camping again soon.

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