Monday, 12 August 2013


I never have photo' of myself and my kids together, besides the odd selfie that i can guarantee isn't always nice. So this year for Mother's day - I told Toppie, that instead of the normal PJ's and slippers, i wanted to have something more meaningful. I booked a photo shoot and he paid :) We also booked for my Mom and Dad to join us for my Mom's gift.

Needless to say, our photographer messed us around, we ended up postponing, cancelling and then finding a new photographer. I didn't have to look far, my talented cousin Nick Lazarus came and did a shoot for us, and it was worth the wait.

He was very patient with the kids, and didn't make them annoyed, he spent time just taking pic's of them playing. He got some nice photo's of me and Toppie as well.



You can get hold of Nick on his facebook page

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