Mamma se Blink Plan

So Toppie says he was never a handyman craftsman, until he married me and I started making him do the whole DIY thing.
See I’ve always believed that if you want it, you can make it yourself.
A few weeks ago I decided we needed to build beds for our boys, have you seen the price of single beds? For 2 new single beds with mattresses we would be looking at about R 3000.
We’ve just bought a house and the boys will be sharing a room so I wanted them to have the same beds.
My Idea, lets Build them.I managed to find a company that sells second hand, only used once pallets, we bought 6 of these. The idea sand, paint, add legs and boom, single beds.It was pretty easy to do actually, and ended up costing a fraction of the price of new store bought beds.
1. Get hold of some pallets – 3 per single bed

2. Sand the pallets to get rid of any unnecessary splinters etc.

3. Paint the pallets

4. Construct the bed base, we used some steel plates and some caster wheels

5. Make the headboard, all we did here was remove the second last slat from a pallet and the base slides into it nicely

6. Add Matress etc and hey presto, stylish looking single bed at a fraction of the cost.
Total Costs
3 Pallets
R 120
R 60
6 Caster Wheels (Got at china mall)
R 162
Odds and ends
R 100
R 442 per bed

At R 442 per base and R 650 per decent mattress this is costing R 2000 odd for 2 single beds that should last many years.
Cheers vir Eers

- Toppie se Vrou


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