Nanny Woes


I’ve always seemed to have bad luck with domestic workers. The first one I had was super friendly, knew she couldn’t sleep in and that she had to travel and was ok with it, until she’d travelled for 3 months and then it all went downhill. She was always late, never did her work properly, and started neglecting my child. Needless to say she no longer works for me.
The next one I got came with high recommendations from a family friend, but alas also had to travel. She worked for me for 2 years but always had a bad attitude. We were good to her, gave her additional travel money, adjusted her working hours so that she could get the busses on time. Bought stationery for her kids for school, gave her old furniture and appliances etc. We started noticing that her work was slacking, that floors weren’t being washed, under the furniture wasn’t being cleaned, Coel was constantly on her back, the ironing was never finished, the list is endless. All this started when we told her we one, would be moving to a bigger house and two that we were having another baby. Needless to say when I confronted her about all the work that was slacking, she quit and disappeared.
After a month of not having a nanny, struggling through working, looking after the kids and doing all the housework alone, not to mention being very picky about who looks after my children, I found nanny 3, she worked for her previous employer for years and only left there because they moved to the coast. She is happy to travel and happy to look after more than one kid, and doesn’t mind that we’l be moving to a bigger house soon. Problem is, she started on Tuesday, and hasn’t arrived for work for the last 3 days. Turns out I apparently pay to little….

So now I’m on Nanny 4, she arrived early 2 days in a row now and we seem to be going well. So Far…
Its so difficult to find someone reliable, trustworthy and honest to work in your home. More importantly to look after your children and to care for them the way you would when you have to be working. Its almost as big a decision for me as marrying my husband...
Cheers vir Eers

- Toppie se Vrou.


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