The Happy Birthday Party

Calum has been waiting for his happy birthday party for months now. Every time we go to a party or it’s someone’s birthday he’s
totally devastated that it’s not his party. He had to wait patiently…

Eventually this day came, but not without the planning….

Planning the day….
1. Calum what party do you want? – A big dinosaur party mom
2. Calum who should we invite? – Friends
3. Calum what kind of cake do you want? – a dinosaur cake with candles and fire, I want to blow it – pffft
4. And how can I forget the sweeties

So I started by roping my mom-in-law in to do the cake, it turned out wonderfully.



Picked just friends of ours that have kids for the kids invites, and so we had 10 kiddies coming to
the party. Unfortunately and fortunately me and my son share a birthday, so when we have a
something, we have to plan and cater 2 “parties” in one.

I needed to organise tables and chairs for the party, but luckily Toppie’s aunt has a kiddies party
event co and I organised her to drop off 2 tables and 8 chairs. She ended up setting up the whole
theme for me, just because, it was beautiful.


All in all after all the planning (Party packs, snacks, tables for kids, seats for adults, drinks, presents, invites,
etc) Calum got all he wanted for his happy birthday party, to see the joy on my son’s face, made me very
happy. There are two very important dates in a child’s life, their birthday party and Christmas.

Cheers vir Eers

- Toppie se Vrou.


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