A diet update.

Its been nearly 3 weeks since I started the will I am challenge. My goal in the beginning was to lose 8-10 kg (pre first baby weight is what I want).

I'm honestly struggling, my biggest problem is I don't eat. Now I'm supposed to schedule meals, and eat at least 5 times a day. It's so hard...

I don't weigh out my food, but I've tried to cut out margarine and sugar, my 2 biggest offenders. I can't stand the taste of sweetener though so I have started by going halfies - one sugar one pilletjie. And I think I'm ready to go all sweetener (aspartame free of course). I do find that since I'm eating more frequently I'm eating smaller portions at night as well.

So to date I have lost 3.6kg and 3 cm around my waist. My BMI has dropped from 24.3 to 23.

Think I'm doing ok as I'm almost 40% of the way there and 10 weeks still to go :).

That's my update.

- Toppie se Vrou


  1. Try using Xylitol. It's a natural sweetner that tastes much better than pilletjies (it's granules, like sugar) & it's actually good for yoy and promotes weight loss. Some kinds if pilletjies mess with your hormones :( You get Xylitol at dischem or most supermarkets by the natural stuff section. Pricey but worth it! :) Good luck, you're doing well!


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