Toppie turns 37

I always say it, but it still amazes me, how many wonderful people we have in our lives.

Toppie didn't want a big thing for his birthday, since its on a sunday this year. So I didn't plan anything, not till friday morning, when i decided we had to do something, even if it was short notice. All birthdays should be celebrated. So i messaged all our closest friends and family and for a last minute surprise breakfast party.

I ended up booking a table for 20 at Piatto Alberton, such a lovely spot. We had a table on the deck right by the jungle gym and jumping castle. Kids had a great time too.

We are loved and special to so many special people. Thank you guys for making Toppie's birthday so wonderful.

Happy birthday my Toppie. I love you very much my old man.


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