Monday, 29 October 2012

First post-preggy shopping trip

I feel like I’ve been pregnant since 2008. Well I kind of have, Calum is only 3 and a few months, Coel a
year and a few months and Codi-Beth not even a month. I’ve always figured it takes 9 months for your
body to bend out of shape, you should be allowed 9 months to get back into shape. After Calum it took
me about 7 months to get back to wearing my normal clothes, but after Coel I never had time to get back
as I was pregnant with Codi quite soon after.

Needless to say, shopping for myself of any sort has been pretty non-existent in the last 3 years.

The problem now being we have a wedding to go to next weekend, and I have nothing to wear. My
MIL (Mother in law) decided I needed a new outfit and also insisted on taking me shopping for said outfit.

It’s very daunting trying to find something new to wear, especially when you’re not feeling comfortable
in your own skin. Worrying about the bump my tummy still has, the stretch-marks I know are there, the
blue veins sticking out on my legs. Finding something that makes you feel pretty again is a big deal.
Luckily, I only had to try on 3 outfits today, of which I ended up buying 2. Not to mention the sexy shoes
I got that make my legs look long and slender and skinny.

I think that if I’m honest with myself, the chances of my body going back to its pre-baby sexy varsity days
look are slim. It doesn’t mean I’m not still pretty or attractive. It just means I’ve matured and I have 3
beautiful rewards for the sacrifice of my body.

I will endeavour to get back into my pre-preggy jeans once more, but I carry my stretch-marks and spider
veins with pride as having them means I have my 3 beautiful kids.

Here’s to plenty more post-preggy shopping as I decrease in size.

Cheers vir Eers

- Toppie se Vrou

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