Thursday, 4 October 2012

There’s no excuse

Today I’m taking Coel for yet another set of injections.

These every so often vaccinations mess with a person’s schedule. They take up time and they make your little one unhappy. Not to mention the cost if you go private.

Not taking your child for them because of the above is not an excuse though. Our government supplies the most important one’s free of charge. You just have to make the time to sit in a clinic and get them. Cost is therefore also an excuse. Yet I’m still hearing of mothers who aren’t taking their children to the clinic for their vaccinations….

The thing that gets me the most is that these same people who “can’t” afford vaccines, can afford other luxuries like alcoholic drinks and cigarettes… They can also spend time shopping or on the golf course. We’re fortunate to have found a semi-private clinic. Basically, they supply government stock wherever possible, and only charge for private injections if they don’t have stock or if there are additional injections. We pay a small consultation fee (R130) to have a booked appointment and avoid hours of sitting in a clinic, and the qualified mid-wife does the injection as well as test other things in your child’s development. I’m prepared to pay for that convenience. The Sisters are friendly, helpful and are on call via their cellphones if you have any parenting questions.

Do people not realize that not vaccinating your child, could lead to dead if your child catches any number of contagious diseases that can be prevented by vaccination. Whooping cough for example? I’ve even heard of children dying from measles. What if your child passes such contagious diseases on to babies that are too young to be vaccinated?

Ir makes me very angry. Anyhow….

Cheers vir Eers

- Toppie se vrou

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