How he became Toppie...

When Etienne and I started dating, I was only 23. I was too emotional, too excited, too enthusiastic, young. I always felt out of place though, like I was older, wiser, more mature.

I'd dated young guys, guys my own age, but I was always more committed, more ready to settle down, more ready for the next stage in life, the family, marriage, kids. I was always more independent, grown up. I had to start working earlier, pay for my own things earlier. I've always said I wanted to be married, to have kids before I turned 30, never wanted to be too old before I had kids. 

Well Etienne and I started dating and there's a substantial age gap between us. Etienne is 9 years older than me. When we first started dating I used to joke with him that he was "so old". An old man, "n Ou Toppie" and it stuck, he's my Toppie. My husband, my partner, my right hand man. My soulmate, the person who makes me so angry I can cry  and the person I want to cuddle up to every night. 

Who am I?

I'm - Toppie se Vrou 


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