One for one blankets

I started this off just thinking I would be making blankets for my kids, for the house. They turned out so well, and I really enjoyed doing them.

I've decided to do a charity drive with them. #1for1blankets

Basically if you order a blanket, I will make a second medium size one to donate to the amazing grace children's home. Or if you order pet size one's the donation will be sent to the SPCA. I must also mention I won't be making anything out of doing this, I'm just covering costs.

Blanket sizes:

Large: R220 each (ex delivery) [2m x 1.5m]
Medium: R 180 each (ex delivery) [1.5m x 1.5m]
Small: R 130 Each (ex delivery) [1m x 1.5m]
Baby blankets: R 80 each (ex delivery) [75cm x 1m]
Pet size: R 80 each (ex delivery) [75cm x 1m]

(The above price includes the donation blanket)

I would send them counter to counter so that would be an additional cost. Delivery would take about. Week from receipt of payment.

If you're interested leave a comment or pop me a mail at

We can do Spider-Man, cars, angry birds, Dora, Winnie the pooh, Hello kitty, Toy story, Minnie Mouse

Also plain colors, or pattern on top, plain underneath.

Here are some pictures, the kids love them, so do the fur kids.

- Toppie se Vrou

Donation count : 58


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