Little men growing up

We've reached another milestone in Coel's life - one that i must say is not my favorite time of Toddlerhood.

Potty training, Coel at 22 Months has a much better understanding of things that Calum did at 32 Months. Maybe its because he has a big brother to copy, or its because he started school earlier, either way he's a bit more advanced. about 2 months ago he started coming to call you to change his nappy when he makes a poo, or if he accidentally leaks.

So we decided to start the potty training thing earlier with him than we did with Calum. Basically at school it means, keeping a nppy on and going to the toilet once an hour, then putting a nappy back on. (if th original nappy is still clean - it goes back on).  This creates an awareness of what the toilet is for - if he wee's or poo's in the toilet he gets great applause and maybe a little sweetie for effort. Unfortunately this gets to a point where the child becomes lazy so you have to switch to underpants.

My problem comes in when we have to start with underpants, cleaning a wee oops isnt so bad  guess, if you can handle wet wee on your hands. Cleaning a pooh oops is sooooooo yuck. It has a way of getting in everywhere and smudging. I remember Calum tyring to clean his mess once and I had pooh all over the toilet, the bathroom walls and the passage - yucky yuck yuck.

Cant kids just have a - I now use the toilet switch?

Well we've started the first stage with Coel - here's to easy potty training - I hope...

Cheers vir Eers

- Toppie se Vrou


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