My weird dreams continued

So last night I had a pretty restless night, i didn't sleep well at all. I'm starting to think my dreams have something to do with it.

Last night I dreamt that this woman with the biggest weave I've ever seen just stepped in front of my car while I was driving 120km down the highway. All I remember was her looking like a rag doll and doing double flips and landing behind my car with feathers flying everywhere. The next thing I was in the back of a police van and going to jail for purposefully knocking down a pedestrian.

I just wanted someone to listen to me, that I didnt hit her intentionally I wasn't driving irresponsibly, she really did just step out in front of me. Nobody would listen, nobody cared. They were going to lock me up, take me away from my kids and throw away the keys.

I spent the whole dream praying morning would come so I could wake up from this horrendous dream. Funny how sometimes you just know that its really really a dream.

For the record I drive really well.

Cheer vir Eers

- Toppie se Vrou


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