Thursday, 16 May 2013

Mugg and Tree

After hearing about this charity, i must say i honestly havent been able to sleep soundly.

When i think of my own home and my children, i know they are warm and have full tummies and are not suffering.

I spoke to Trudie from the soup kitchen and she said one of the biggest things they need right now is blankets, shoes, winter clothing and believe it or not matresses for these kids to sleep on at home.

It makes my heart so sore when i think of the little things we take for granted. like having a bed, with a clean sheet and a matress.

We collected enough money to go and buy 60 Mattresses for the kids there, so that not a single one of them will be sleeping on the floor anymore.

The kids were all so happy, one little guy shyly came to ask, please can he have a mattress because he sleeps on the floor, we told him one was for him, he could pick one and he wouldnt leave the mattresses till he got to take his home. One of the little girls aged 2, wouldnt even let us help her carry her mattress it was hers and nobody is going to take it away from her.


We also got this little guy some school clothes, he was ever so grateful. he couldnt stop coming to give me hugs. Can you believe these kids are made to sit in detention on fridays if they have no pencils at school, their parents cant even afford to buy a loaf of bread.

I cant put more details up as, my heart cant handle it.

A very big thank you to the following people for helping make this happen

Monique from DB Installations
Kevin and Shawn from BSK Prints
Nicki from One of the Boys
Jess and Lois from Eleventh hour
Meghann from Hygiene Queen
Mauro, Elena and Andrew from Hydro
Andy from Cupra
Smart-choice Accounting

I will be running this fund raiser in conjuction to the One for One blanket drive, i would like to make a special blanket for each child, one thats just for them. If anyone is able to make a contribution, please contact me, we're still collecting as there is still a big need for everthing.

I've also secured a sponsorship of tracksuits for each child, these we'll be delivering next week.

Cheers vir Eers

- Toppie se Vrou

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