There's something about Cloe

When Calum started school about two years ago, we had a lot of problems with this little girl he used to bully. There were incidents of him pushing her off the toilet, throwing sand in her eyes, grabbing toys away from her etc. One day she got so annoyed she scratched him in the face, he looked like he'd been attacked by a cat.

Now, they are the best of friends, they hold hands, talk about "My best friend Cloe" or " My best friend Calum". Sometimes Calum will come home in tears if he didn't get a hug goodbye from Cloe, as she doesn't love him anymore, its heartbreaking. She apparently also calls him love at school - too cayoote.... He often wakes up at night and asks for Cloe. They are simply inseparable. A budding little romance.

In January another little Cloe started school and we're having the same bully tactics between her and Coel.... This time Coel clawed little Cloe. They fight like cat and dog, but i can see this turning into the same love hate relationship that Calum and Cloe used to have.

There's just something about Cloe....

Cheers vir Eers

- Toppie se Vrou


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